About Me

I have been passionate about Cyber Security since my teenage days and have been lucky enough to convert my hobby into my profession. After completing my Computer Engineering in 2011, I joined McAfee as an Associate Researcher as my first job , authoring generic signatures for different Malware families. 

In 2012, I took more more responsibilities in McAfee after being promoted to Research Scientist I.

Besides writing static detetcions for PE, I was also working on file infectors as well as android malwares.

In 2014, after being promoted as Research Scientist 2 in McAfee, I started picking up on behavior based detection and contributed on a behavioral detection product from scratch.

In 2015, I shifted to work at FireEye as Malware Researcher ( and later as a Senior Malware Researcher in 2016 ). My work continued on behavior based detection, but now also included APT and targeted attacks.

In 2017, I took an adventurous turn in my career as a Principal Researcher at NewSky Security, an IoT Security startup. I picked up learning IoT security and soon was deeply involved, working on recent IoT botnets, finding IoT vulnerabilites, and interacting with attackers in the darknet. Just like a normal startup, I had to take care of multiple roles, like PR as well as managing and creating the IoT Threat Intelligence product.

My hobbies besides CyberSecurity include travelling, playing chess and ukulele.